One Year of Life in Luxembourg

On September 30, 2020, we celebrated one year of living in Luxembourg. My ability to track time has been warped by the Covid-19 virus, but this year feels as though it has gone by incredibly fast. Neal and I enjoy taking time to reflect, and we made sure to do some reflecting on what was happening in our lives one year ago.

One year ago, the day started with an early morning cab ride from our coastal Sandymount apartment to the Dublin airport. We were sad to be leaving the Irish culture we had fallen in love with. Our taxi driver that morning was the perfect example. He was an older Irish man, and he had arrived earlier than expected. Luckily, I saw his arrival and greeted the driver while Neal was still upstairs. The man walked right into our apartment and called out to Neal, “Honey, are you ready? Time to go!” I love that humor and warmth.

The day continued to be an adventure. We had a flight delay that forced us to run through the Amsterdam airport to make our connecting flight to Luxembourg. We made it to Luxembourg, although our luggage did not. We had expected to arrive with eight large suitcases and a bike, so we had booked a large van ahead of time. When we walked up to the van driver empty handed, he looked confused and started asking us questions in French. It was likely he was asking about our lack of luggage, but we certainly did not have the language skills to explain ourselves. It was an expensive five minute ride from the airport to our temporary housing in that empty van. We were excited and nervous.

One year later, our language skills still lack and many moments of confusion still happen, but we are so thankful for this opportunity to live in Luxembourg. The city still feels magical. It’s small and manageable, yet there are so many different cultures around us. Just our neighbors alone are from Italy, Denmark, and Sweden. It’s amazing that all of these different cultures have landed in this tiny country.

As we reflect on the year spent here, we always end with the same conclusion. We are so glad we said yes to this adventure. We are so thankful that we get to experience living in a European country, and especially appreciative to be here during Covid times. I’ll save this for another post, but the Luxembourg government has really taken care of us during the pandemic.

I don’t know how long we’ll be here, but we feel so fortunate to get to have this experience. Happy one year in Lux, Neal. It seems like yesterday we were walking through our Portland neighborhood, discussing the pros and cons of saying “yes” to living abroad. Now, it’s clear how strong the pros outweigh the cons. So happy we have this opportunity to be challenged and grow.


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