Hiking in Echternach

Our first and only hiking experience since moving to Luxembourg, other than wandering the fairytale-like streets of City Center and the lower valley, was to a town called Echternach, right on the border of Germany. Also known as the Little Switzerland of Luxembourg for the geographic similarities to its namesake, it is the starting point for Mullerthal Trail, a 112 km trail split up into three sections.

Map from: http://www.mullerthal-trail.lu/en/the-trail

We hiked the first section, not venturing far from Echternach. We parked on a side street in the city and walked to the trail head, an easy-to-miss footpath in a neighborhood. After a steep ascent that rewarded us with views of the city and surrounding region, we plunged into the forest.

It didn’t take long to be in the dense, beautiful forest, with brightly colored fall leaves covering the path. It also didn’t take long to start raining. Hard. Being the Pacific Northwestern’ers that we are, we threw on our rain jackets and didn’t break stride. I was sick though, so we only hiked for about an hour before turning around. The beauty left us wanting more– and it left me with an itch to lace up my trail running shoes and hit every one of those 112 kilometers over our next couple years living in Lux.


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