Cologne and Monschau

When deciding where to go for our first weekend away from Lux, we had three requirements: be within driving distance, have good AirBnb options, and most importantly, be dog friendly. When searching for nearby cities we discovered that Cologne, Germany checks all of these boxes. Dogs are allowed on public transit and in many restaurants, and there are plenty of green spaces for them to take care of their business when nature calls. TMI maybe, but that’s what drove our decision. And we weren’t disappointed.

We arrived at our AirBnb, only about a 30 minute train ride from the city center, and were greeted by a delightful host who had a bottle of the region’s famous Kölsh beer ready for us in the fridge. The next morning we caught the train to central Cologne, and immediately upon leaving the train station were hit with this view of the stunning Cologne Cathedral.

After taking a few hundred pictures of the cathedral, the three of us wandered through the streets of Cologne, along the Rhine River which runs though the city, and partook in a walking tour. We stumbled upon a carnival, had wonderful sausage and beer, and saw ruins of a Roman-built wall in a parking garage. Part way through our walking tour we took a break at a beer shop. Not to sit and drink beer, but to buy a bottle and enjoy it while the tour continued. When you can drink in public, why limit yourself to a bar? You’ll find a picture below of me drinking a beer next to the previously mentioned Roman wall. I challenge you to find a more enjoyable way to learn about the history of a city.

Cologne was wonderful, but after a full day exploring we were ready for something in the wilderness. The next day we drove to the town of Monschau, Germany. We fell in love with the town and its old, Medieval-style buildings that felt like they were plucked straight from the past. After walking the length of the city and enjoying a lunch of schnitzel and fries, we concluded our first weekend away from Lux with a drive down through Belgium and the north of Lux, soaking in the rich fall colors while we drove.


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