Hello, Luxembourg

Life has moved quick since arriving in Luxembourg. Before I talk about what’s happened over the last three months of living here, I’ll start with saying that we love it!

Luxembourg is a small country sandwiched between Belgium, Germany, and France. The population is just over 600,000, and there are three official languages: French, German, and Luxembourgish. The city of Luxembourg is beautiful, with old buildings and ancient ruins mixed in with state-of-the-art infrastructure all throughout town. It has old world Europe charm while still feeling like a wealthy tax haven, which creates a simultaneously adventurous and comfortable atmosphere. It’s divided between an upper and a lower town, with the lower town in a deep valley lined with old neighborhoods, cobblestone streets, and walking paths that follow the Alzette River. The land is lush, with rolling hills and vineyards that produce delicious white wine and a local specialty called crémant. The weather is similar to the Pacific Northwest, so we feel right at home.

Settling into life here has had its ups and downs. We landed in a part of town called Kirchberg, which is the financial district of the city. We were in a big, impersonal apartment building in close proximity to other big, impersonal apartment buildings, within walking distance to work. It was a good place to land while we got oriented to the city, but we were eager to find a neighborhood more our style. Fortunately, that only took a few weeks. Within a month of moving to Luxembourg we signed a lease for a sweet, old apartment in a neighborhood called Limpertsberg. It’s walking distance to city center, cafes, restaurants, a park called Bambësch that feels like Forest Park in Portland, and it’s biking distance to work. And now that our personal belongings from Portland have arrived, it’s starting to feel like home. We’re finally settling into a steady pace of life, creating routine and community as we gear up for the next couple years of living here. Between bi-monthly work trips to London, weekend trips to Germany, Belgium, and France, and short, cheap flights to almost anywhere in Europe, we’re already seeing so much of the continent and its diverse cultures, while continuing to add to the increasingly long list of places we want to visit.

We’ve long dreamed of moving abroad to experience living in a different part of the world, learning about different cultures, challenging ourselves to grow in immeasurable ways, and expanding our worldviews. With our time in Dublin, it feels a bit like we’re already in the thick of it. But at the same time, with our time in Luxembourg just now truly starting, it feels like we’re taking our first steps- or rather leap- into the adventure of a lifetime.


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