County Cork and Blarney Castle

The Rusk Clan visited from Oregon for two weeks, and we had a wonderful time with them. I had to work for most of their trip unfortunately, but we did get to spend two weekends traveling together. The first weekend was County Cork and Blarney Castle.

We blasted traditional Irish pub music on our drive down to County Cork on Friday night. You might have noticed a trend- we love Irish trad music. We even have a Spotify station with all of our favorite songs. Before long we had the whole car singing along. Our AirBnb was in the town of Youghal (pronounced ya’ll). A quiet, sleepy town on the coast, but like anywhere you go in Ireland, it was beautiful.

On Saturday we explored the town of Cobh with an impressive cathedral overlooking the bay, where we stumbled upon a triathlon and had a traditional Irish breakfast. Will tried black pudding for the first time and liked it. Only Will…!

Next up was Blarney Castle, home of the famous Blarney Stone. None of us kissed the stone- we couldn’t get over the thought of kissing something so many other people had kissed- but we did explore the castle and got to skip the queue of people waiting to be blessed with the gift of gab and eloquent speech.

We finished the day in the sweet town of Kinsale with drinks, a delicious meal, and some pub music.

We wandered Cork for a few hours the next day, then Shelby and I caught the train back to Dublin, while Will and my parents drove on to Galway and the Aran Islands. Weekend #1 was a big success and left us all excited for Scotland a week later.


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